Creative Equipment Swapping May Be Just What The Doctor Ordered

One thing we have learned in the past couple of years of this economy is that when a piece of equipment is not being used, eye care professionals should be willing to get creative so they may get something they need. Often, the idea of swapping product “X” for product “Y” gets the deal done.

For example, a recent customer had an older Zeiss IOL Master. She was not thrilled with the wholesale value through brokers and did not want to be in “selling mode” while running a busy practice. When asked if there was any other piece of equipment she was looking for, she said she was in need of a good corneal topographer. The end result was the swap of a Zeiss Atlas 995 for an IOL Master. The customer was happy, the relative equipment value was equal and the deal was done.

Another creative swap example was with an eye care professional that had a lease on imaging equipment. She wanted to sell it, but was tied into a lease for three more years. She was interested in a fundus camera that actually had greater value than the imaging equipment. Because of this, the lease company was open to swapping the equipment because they would now hold title to something of greater value. We then took the imaging equipment and sold it to someone who happened to be looking for that particular item.

What ingredients are necessary to make a swap work?

1. You need to find an equipment broker you trust.

2. You need to have equipment of value you are willing to trade.

3. You need to have an idea of the relative value of the product you want.

Of course, this is not a simple proposition, but if you work with someone who has a number of other wants and needs in mind, it is indeed possible to match them up. Be creative and let your vendors know you are open to a trade.

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