The Eye Care Alliance was founded by Bob Padula, former VP Sales for Carl Zeiss Meditec’s U.S. diagnostic equipment business and 30 year veteran of the ophthalmic industry. Bob and his wife and three children reside in the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area.

ECA started as the first and only authorized Carl Zeiss Meditec reseller and quickly gained a devoted following due to excellent pricing, product quality and customer service. Although Zeiss has decided to no longer have an authorized reseller for preowned equipment, ECA continues to thrive as an excellent alternative for high quality preowned Humphrey, Zeiss and other premium diagnostic equipment. Most of this growth has come from “word-of-mouth” through various networks of eye care professionals and respected vendors across the U.S.

ECA has gone from a well kept secret to become known as the “go-to-company” for obtaining the best quality preowned Humphrey and Zeiss equipment as well as timely and affordable repair and support services.

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It was a blessing and a privilege to have the opportunity to stay with one organization for so many years. Although the company names changed, we always represented the cutting edge technology at the time. Now that I am in the “preowned business”, I get to work with all of those technologies again!